Calion the Fourth

Ask me anything   Is the most famousest of all the Calions to ever to have existed.

BJD Text Confessions: On bootlegging dolls, an artist's point of view. →


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To the admin: I hope the formatting comes through on this. If you don’t feel this is any good to post, then just delete it, that’s fine. I’m going to go full monty here and say some things that might not come off the right way, but I just want people…

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    I cannot even begin to express my absolute utter LOATHNG for everyone who not only buys bootlegs, but who dedicate whole...
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    This is such an eloquent post about the subject. So many people don’t see this issue from the side of a small maker like...
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    If I ever win the lottery or something, I sincerely hope you know I would probably just sit here and throw money at you...
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    To be honest, bootlegging is inevitable, but people who want them don’t know how it hurts the artist or creator. The...
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